Complete list of Bandai 2021 Dragon Ball Limit Breaker Series Figures

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This is your Reference Guide or Updated CheckList.

Hello how are you, for this post I bring you the complete list updated to 2021 with all the Limit Breaker Series figures from Dragon Ball Super and Bandai, including the exclusive editions and those that are about to come out.

Limit Breaker Series, Collectible Figures for Dragon Ball Super

Bandai started this collection of Dragon Ball Super dolls together with the Premiere of the latest Broly Movie, characterizing this collection by its large size and 5 points of articulation. It is also designed for children to play, so they are quite robust.

All Dragon Ball Super Dolls Ordered and with Option to Purchase

This post, in addition to being a Reference Guide or Check List of these articulated and resistant Dolls, if you want to start this collection, or have already started it and you are missing any of them, you will only have to click on the figure and it will take you directly to amazon or ebay, to see its price and buy it if it convinces you. I have selected the cheapest one for you, but always 100% original.

The Limit Breaker collection of Bandai and DB Super to the Complete and Updated

That’s it, completely and updated, that’s why I’m not entertaining you anymore, I hope you enjoy this guide with all the Limit Breaker Series dolls of Son Goku, Vegeta, Broly and the others that await us in the future, for this collection that is relatively new.

Complete list of Limit Breaker Series dolls from Dragon Ball Super · Check List ·
(Updated 08/03/2021)

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