Funko POP! Animation | Naruto | All Figures (Check List)

All Funko POP! from Naruto Shippuden
· Complete List 2022 ·

This is your Reference Guide or Updated CheckList with all the Naruto Shippuden Figures.

Funko POP! Animation | Naruto | Lista Completa (Check List)

Hello and welcome to this Post where we can see the complete List and Updated to 2022 with all the Funko POP! Animation of Naruto Shippuden, including those Exclusive, Event, Chase or GITD figures.

The Complete catalog has more than 45 Bubble Head Figures or Dolls.

Said and done, the catalog of Funko POP! Animation of Naruto Shippuden already has more than 45 bobblehead dolls, most of them from Naruto and Sasuke, but we have almost all the protagonists.

The complete and continuously updated Naruto Funkos collection.

I do not entertain you anymore because you are looking for the complete list with all the Naruto Funko. But remember that if you are interested in buying one, you can click on any of the images in the List, and it will take you to Amazon or Ebay, to see the availability of the Figure and its Price.

Complete list of Funko POP! Animation of Naruto Shippuden | Check-List |

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The Funko POP! from naruto

This should already be something known to everyone, but the Funko POPs that we have for our favorite series, Naruto, belong to the "Funko POP! Animation" Collection line and share their numbering with other animation series and that is why they have those numbers. so sauteed.

Where to buy Naruto POP dolls?

Collect all Funko Pop! Naruto Shippuden Animation is a complex task, since 50% of them are exclusive or limited editions, so there will be some that are easy to get and at prices between €10 and €20, and others that are very, very complicated and at prices. .. a rare specimen could sometimes be found for around €200.

More than 45 Bobblehead Dolls of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and all their Friends.

We are talking about more than 45 Figures or Dolls of our Blade Ninjas and their Enemies, so if you are a collector and want to get all of them, you need to have enough space in your showcases and shelves.

Even so, you already know that we have provided you with links to Amazon or Ebay (depending on the Figure), so you do not lose looking for the funko that you are missing.

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These are some of the Naruto Figures that we have for you:

Here we leave you just a sample of some of the figures of all the collections that we have for you, with Naruto, Minato, Sakura, Tsunade, Sasuke, and many more figures to collect, whether they are the little funko pop, the majestic Gals, or the six-inch articulated, SH Figuarts and Anime Heroes from Bandai.

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